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Temporary Fencing Hire : "On Time, Every Time"

GHL TempFence are the Auckland temporary fencing market leaders, providing kilometres of competitively priced temporary fencing to the infrastructure and civil engineering industry.

GHL deliver temporary fencing supplies on a timely basis and provide a high level of safe, secure site protection for any size of project. Our professional team provide practical efficient solutions - On Time, Every Time!

Infrastructure and civil engineering projects demand safe working environments and a high level of protection of public safety for which we provide an industry leading portable, safe, stable, site fencing solutions to secure any building site, work site area, field, footpath, road side or work area. Our GHL TempFence systems are robust, installed with bracing and opening gates by a can do team making our temporary fencing solutions ideal for long or short term projects of any size.

At GHL TempFence we quickly secure your site and provide specialist security fencing and gates, including shade cloth for privacy or dust screens with substantial bracing options for the safety and stability of the Temporary Fence. We hire temporary fencing for all types of construction and civil works, including, roading, motorways, bridges, sports fields, drainage, enclosures and site compounds. Our Temporary Fence Solutions have been developed to protect your site and keep the public safe from dangerous areas.

GHL also can provide Construction Barriers for controlled pedestrian environments.

We also provide temporary fencing solutions with our sturdy, durable, OSH / Worksafe compliant Temporary Fence to ensure a full Compliance work site with Systems for -

Residential Temporary Fencing, Commercial Temporary Fencing, Event Fencing, Temporary Pool Fencing and Crowd Control.

Contact us for a quote or phone now on 0800 42 68 12 or 0800TempFence (0800 836 733)

We are an Auckland Temporary Fencing business predominately servicing from Mercer to Mangawhai including Auckland, Franklin, Counties, Waitakere, Hibiscus Coast, Eastern Suburbs Franklin, Manukau, East Auckland, West Auckland, Auckland CBD, North Shore, and Rodney District. Depending on your requirements we can also assist from Hamilton to Whangarei when required.

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Contact us for a quote or phone now on 0800 42 68 12 or 0800TempFence 0800 836 733