Is your plank hire provider compliant?

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Since 2002, GHL Plank Hire have always visually inspected each scaffolding plank every time a plank is handled, as well as regular testing of all our scaffolding planks to a documented routine, ensuring 100% compliance to WorkSafe standards.

Not all scaffolding planks are equal

GHL follows the Best Practice Guide for ‘General Maintenance of Planks’. These practice guidelines provide advice on the upkeep and preservation of scaffolding planks, complying with the WorkSafe New Zealand’s expectations, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Health and Safety on Employment Regulations 1995.

GHL Plank Hire inspection and testing process involves:

  • A visual inspection of both sides of each scaffolding plank every time we handle one, whether that is pulling the plank off the truck or from storage.
  • Every 12 months, each scaffolding plank is pressure tested to 220 kilograms at 1800mm centres along each plank, using our in-house testing machine, as seen in the photo. This method is used because damage to planks is not always readily apparent upon visual inspection.

Most importantly, our No 1 rule is ‘If in Doubt, “Write it Off”’. At GHL Plank Hire, we don’t take risks with the life of others!

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