New! GHL Construction Barriers - Perfect for the Delineation of Hazards

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For years there has been a huge gap in temporary fencing products for the delineation of hazards on site.

Construction sites would usually use one of the two products that were available – traditional temporary fencing or crowd control barriers to cordon off areas of high risk. Neither temp fence products were completely suitable to reduce the risk of these areas.

Traditional temporary fencing with a height of 1.950m was too high and more intrusive than required for the need. This fencing was cumbersome to move around and get access to the secured area.

Crowd Control Barriers at a height of 1.1m were not high enough and the gaps under and between the uprights were too wide to fully secure the area or hazard.

GHL saw the need in construction for a product designed especially for the delineation of hazards.

Introducing the ‘GHL Construction Barrier’

The GHL Construction Barrier has been designed to increase productivity and reduce hazard risks on site. Each panel slots into each other for quick installation, at the same time as providing easy access to the hazard area during construction. The frames are made of hot dipped galvanized steel to handle the roughness of any construction site.

The Key Features of the GHL Construction Barriers are:

  • With a height of 1.25m, they are tall enough to prevent access to hazards
  • The orange infill 30mm x 30mm diamond mesh highlights the area as hazardous
  • The gaps between the panels and under are less than 100mm apart – to prevent unauthorised access
  • A unique 'hook & hoop' design makes it easy to secure the panels to each other. It also makes it harder to open a gap in the fence line and prevents it falling over from truck and machinery knocks.
  • Large flat feet that are part of the panel reduce trip hazards, keep the fence steady on the ground and allow for easy installation.

Get your hands on our new construction barriers for a safer construction site. Call us now on 0800 TempFence for information and pricing.