Not all Crowd Control Barriers are Equal

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Planning an Event – Not all Crowd Control Barriers are Equal!! Make sure what you Buy or Hire is “Fit for Purpose”

Planning an event always sounds far simpler than it is and the importance of having the right Temporary Fencing Products is essential and shouldn’t be underestimated. At GHL TempFence we’ve been working in the Event Industry for over 10 years and our Temp Fence products including our Crowd Control Barriers have been developed over time.

The key design features of our Event Crowd Control Barriers are:


Crowd Control Panels

  • Manufactured with 25mm x 2mm Frame, 20mm x 1.2mm infill and fully hot dipped galvanised after manufacture 
  • The materials impact the weight, which is important so they’re not blown away in the first puff of wind
  • Galvanising means no rusty spots dragging down the overall appearance and that first impression of the quests


Crowd Control Hoop & Hooks

  • Designed to link the panels together so that the opportunists at your event can’t simply lift a section out to create their own short cut! 
  • Important to maintain the Crowd Control Barriers in place to maintain your overall management plan for the event


Crowd Control Feet

  • Flat feet that are 600mm long x 60mm wide x 8mm thick
  • The foot design is important as unless they are flat they create a trip hazard of their own
  • The length and width are important to create the stability you need


So please: If nothing else, use the above as a checklist when looking to Hire or Buy Crowd Control Barriers for your next Event.

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