Substantial Reduction in the Cost of Temporary Fence Hire!!!!!

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Over recent years the price to buy Temporary Fencing has reduced so...

“The cost of Hire had to come down”

At GHL TempFence we’d already challenged the way that the Temporary Fence Hire has been priced for years and introduced our One Invoice On Install option.

We’ve now gone one step further and Reduced the pricing of our One Invoice on Install Option with Savings of 35% on average compared to Traditional Monthly Hire Costs.

The maths is simple:

For Example 100m Temporary Fencing - 6 months Hire

The total cost over 6 months to Hire 100m @ $2.50 per m per month including

Installation & Dismantle costs Invoiced monthly would cost $2,020.00 + GST

Compared to our One Invoice on Installation $1,270.00 + GST Saving $750.00 + GST

Plus it’s a Win Win...

Huge upfront savings with a fixed cost & No more Monthly Invoices that we have to send or you have to approve and pay = Reduced Costs & Reduced Admin for everyone!!!!

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