In the Market to Buy Temporary Fencing – Be Careful!!!!

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“Don’t be Fooled by Colour Photos, Case Studies and Clever Marketing”

The Temporary Fencing market has become a mine field with emails for what look like competitively priced quality products but they are far from it.

We recently received one with a photo of Temporary Fencing System that looked great (they were brand new) and a very vague description.

No Actual Specifications or photo of what they’ll look like in 18 months time and that’s our concern!!!

The Temporary Fencing System being promoted is one we also sell: “The GHL 2000 Series” and an accurate description should read….

  • Panels are manufactured to a price with 1 mm wall pipe & 2.5 mm wire mesh and the panels only weigh 10 kg’s
    • Industry standard for hire by comparison is 2 mm wall / 4 mm wire mesh and weigh 21 kg’s for strength and stability
    • Our traditional light weight system is 1.5 mm wall / 3 mm wire mesh weighing 15 kg’s
  • Only 14 Microns of Galvanising
    • NZ Standard for Galvanising is 42 Microns so these panels like our Econo & 2000 series have an estimated life of 2 – 3 Years Max.
    • We store these panels inside to prevent deterioration not outside!
  • Suitable for Short Term, Light Duty and they need to be treated with care.
    • Our experience has shown with 1 mm walled pipe a high instance of damage from just being transported

So: Please be careful and ask for the specifications to understand what's on offer as “Not all Temporary Fences are Equal”

And for your reference: The basic specs and pricing for the 3 Products in our Temporary Fencing range….

Panel Dimensions Frame Wall Galvanising Mesh Weight *Pricing
Dura Series 2.4 x 2.1 32 mm 2.0 mm 42 Microns 4.0 mm 21 kg's $91.00 + GST Set
Econo Series 2.4 x 2.1
32 mm 1.5 mm 14 Microns 3.0 mm 15 kg's $73.00 + GST Set
2000 Series 2.4 x 2.1 32 mm 1.0 mm 14 Microns 2.5 mm 10 kg's $66.00 + GST Set

Discounts are available for 20 or More Sets & Set includes 1 x panel, 1 x Foot & 1 x Clamp

*Pricing is Valid as at 1st October 2018

For obligation free advise give us a call 0800 Temp Fence or visit our web site

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