GHL TempFence extensive range of Products & Accessories in the Industry

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GHL Temp Fence – Big on range. Big on safety.

As one of the leading temporary fencing in companies in New Zealand, our customers come first. Whether that is getting the temporary fence to your site ASAP, setting new safety standards or providing leading, innovative products that make your life onsite just that much safer and easier.

Most people think of temporary fencing as the traditional 1.95m fence around a construction site.At GHL Temp Fence it is more than that – we observe what happens onsite and meet your needs to protect your workers and the public, as well as easily securing your materials and equipment.

We’re proud of the fact that GHL have lead the industry since 2006, launching multiple new products and setting new standards – check out our list of new products available for hire and sale –

1.950h standard Temporary Fencing

Replacing the old chain link, welded wire mesh panels was introduced by GHL in 2007.With a 2mm thick walled frame galvanized to NZ Standard of 42 microns, our temp fence is incorporated with an anti-climb infill.

Accessories for the temporary fence

  • Support Stays to ensure safety and stability of the fence.
  • Opening Gates with Hinges – easy access onsite for both workers and trucks.Gate Keepers keep the gate closed and locked for security during vacant times.The wheels allow for quick opening and closing of the gates on any surface.
  • Substantial bracing increases the stability of the temp fence, particularly over uneven ground or in areas prone to wild weather conditions.They can be used on fencing that has scrim, shade cloth, banners or acoustic barriers attached to the panels.
  • Height Reduction Bars reduces the ground clearance to less than 100mm, adding another layer of safety and security to the site.
  • Our temp fence can be made into semi-permanent fencing using the posts driven in the ground.This is also a solution for temp fencing in tight spaces where there isn't enough room to add the bracing.

GHL brandConstruction Barriers

This is our latest product launch, they have been specifically designed to fill a gap in the market for the delineation of hazards onsite.At 1.250m in height and 2.2m in length, with high visibility orange infill mesh, they clearly mark dangers and are easily moved around onsite.The industry traditionally used crowd control barriers for this purpose, but they did not meet safety standards as the gaps under and between the bars was too wide.

Crowd Control Barriers

Whilst crowd control barriers have been around for a long time, the key points of difference with the GHL barriers are:

  • The flat removable feet – this reduces the hazard of tripping.Many competitors crowd control barriers use a claw foot.
  • Our unique Hoop & Hook – secures each panel to the other to stabilise the fence and prevents the creation of unofficial openings.

Temporary Pool Fencing

At a height of 1.250m, our temporary pool fencing is specifically designed to meet the pool fence regulations during the construction of new and renovated pools.

There is a self-closing gate option with child proof lock, which fits with the temporary pool fencing panels for easy access to the pool area.

GHL Temp Fence has grown from strength to strength since 2006 – from a one man show to a team of over 15.With over 40 kilometres of temporary fence hire equipment in the Auckland region, we are also New Zealand’s largest stockists and reseller of temporary fencing.

Call us now on 0800TempFence or visit to find out how we can help you with your next project.

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