The days of robbing the scaffolding planks off the Scaffolding are gone

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Scaffolding planks have a multitude of uses around a building site. Their strength and availability makes it tempting to remove the planks from the original scaffolding setup and use them in other places along the scaffolding as the building needs change.

However, to keep your scaffolding compliant throughout the duration of the build, all planks must be in place in the exact configuration as when it was originally ticketed.

One solution to ensuring your building site scaffolding remains compliant throughout the entire build, is to hire sufficient scaffolding planks from GHL Plank Hire.

GHL hire scaffolding planks for short or long term use around all types of building sites. All our planks are manufactured in New Zealand and are guaranteed to be fully compliant to all NZ standards.

  • Our building planks are tested and maintained to approved standards. Not only does GHL conduct visual inspection of every scaffolding plank, we run regular, vigorous mechanical testing. This testing exams the strength of each plank and provides a means to identify when the plank was last tested. No plank goes untested.
  • GHL Plank Hire offer substantial savings on traditional hire costs. We have thousands of planks is various sizes from 1.5 to 3.0 metres in length.
  • With a large distribution facility, GHL offers prompt delivery and pick up of scaffolding planks, Auckland and the greater Auckland area.

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