Wetland Renewal

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Temporary fence hire to suit the complexities of every site!

This wetland renewal project involved securing the construction site that was bordering a busy motorway off ramp, several parking areas and car and pedestrian traffic from side roads.

It is construction sites like these that require several different temporary fencing products to properly secure them and make a viable working construction site. This particular project used both our new construction barriers and the traditional temporary fencing.

Construction Barriers

These are an exclusive temporary fencing solution that GHL developed and launched just over 12 months ago to meet very specific requirements. Additional safety is designed in these fences. They are 1.25m in height and have less than a 100m gap at ground level and between each panel. The panels use a unique interlocking system to prevent individual panels from being easily lifted out, further increasing safety around the site, especially when the site is vacant.

This product has effectively replaced the use of a crowd control barrier on civil work sites. The crowd control barriers in plastic or steel, in some cases, do not deliver the necessary levels of site protection needed.

Traditional temporary fencing

This wetland project installed additional bracing which is essential for busy areas to ensure the fence is stable. GHL supply bracing on every job and project; it is considered an essential part to ensuring the safety of every temporary fence.

Check with GHL Temp Fence which temporary fencing hire needs you require for your construction or next project – we design for productivity and safety on every site!