Westgate Commercial

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GHL securing the gateway to the northwest

A town is born. When Massey North became Westgate in 2013, a name change was not the only change in the northwest region of Auckland. Westgate has become a developing new regional town centre, a hub for retail and commercial activity and the new gateway to a lifestyle of vineyards, beaches and restaurants.

GHL TempFence was privileged to be involved in this new Westgate commercial development. For this project we enclosed the whole construction site with temporary fencing for the construction phase.

The temporary fence is controlling the access on and off the site to authorised personnel only and isolating the passing traffic and pedestrians from the site hazards. With the use of our temporary fencing equipment and over ten years’ experience, we successfully and efficiently managed all aspects of safety around the many hectares of the construction site.

New gate for Westgate

The Westgate Commercial has temporary fencing gates installed across the entrance to the site. This allowed safe, easy access for large trucks carrying building material and machinery to enter and exit the site.

Westgate construction site was located in an isolated area, so security particularly at night and on weekends when the site was vacant was a high priority. The style of the gates enabled strong locks to be used and the temporary fence itself, acted as security for the hundreds of thousands of dollars of specialised equipment, building supplies and tools stored on site.