Snells Beach Swimming Pool

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Our temporary swimming pool fence works like a real pool fence at this project in Stillwater, Auckland

The swimming pool temporary fencing around this completed residential pool in Stillwater, Auckland was supplied as a solution to ensure the pool’s compliance with the Swimming Pool Act and Swimming Pool Fence regulations whilst the permanent swimming pool fence was being designed and built.

Easy access for the swimmers

In this project, the temporary swimming pool fence was erected on the paved surface and included a self-closing gate for the family to enjoy the swimming pool over the summer until the permanent fence was ready for installation.

The temporary pool fence included flat steel feet to add to the stability of the fence. It also served as an anti-tripping hazard for the family using the pool and the tradesmen working around the pool.

Easy access for the tradesmen

For the children’s protection, the GHL fence is the regulation height to prevent children from climbing over it to access the pool unsupervised. The fence panels are also secured to each other, to stop the fence from being pushed over. On the other hand, our unique swimming pool temp fence system, can be easily disassembled to make way for the tradesman to access the pool to complete the construction and erect securely at the end of the day.

GHL offer short and long-term temporary fence hire, so no matter how long the pool will take to be built, you can keep the area safe for your children and visitors.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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