Papakura Civil

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Temporary fencing for Civil projects improving Auckland’s Infrastructure

Civil construction sites require the coordination of a large number of workers, machinery and supply deliveries. It is our teamwork within GHL and with other contractors, which help a project run smoothly. During our contracting on the Papakura civil project, GHL Temp Fence ensured site safety was our number one priority, not just for the workers but also the safety of the pedestrians and passing traffic whilst factoring in the sites complexities.

Tricky grounds for temporary fence

The construction site around the Papakura Civil project covered rocky, muddy and uneven ground - difficult for any fence to remain stable.

GHL placed concrete feet along the fence line, the weight giving the fence more stability on uneven ground levels. We placed extra bracing with concrete feet to the fence at approximately 15 metre intervals for added strength and stability. Every section of our temporary fencing met the regulation safety heights across the many terrains.

Working on infrastructure projects also requires a high level of compliance demanded by the authorities, all made possible with our in-house health & safety plans. Our internal systems and procedures, communicated to every employee on a regular basis, ensure our compliance as a subcontractor.

GHL, in fact were one of the first Auckland temporary fence companies to become an Auckland City Council approved contractor. This has enabled us to complete many projects; events, civil and infrastructure, long and short term, large and small, as part of the accomplishments of Auckland City.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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