Dairy Flat Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool danger is fenced in with GHL TempFence temporary pool fencing

Children are always a magnet to swimming pools. One of the factors contributing to drowning in young children is the lack of barriers to prevent unsupervised water access. Even during the construction of a new swimming pool, a temporary swimming pool fence needs to be erected to protect children.

In semi-rural areas, like this swimming pool at Dairy Flat in Auckland, more and more new homes are being built with swimming pools. During the construction of the new home, temporary fencing around the building site may not be mandatory if the property is fenced. However, when it comes to the swimming pool, the law requires temporary fencing installed before the new swimming pool is filled with water and before the new permanent fencing is built.

The GHL temporary pool fence system is designed as a pool barrier to prevent young children from gaining access to the pool area without supervision. They are completely free standing and suitable for installation on all surfaces. Each fence panel is linked to the next and the long, flat feet add to the fence stability and reduce tripping hazards.

Splish, splash for compliant temporary fencing around swimming pools

The GHL system complies with all safety regulations for swimming pools, in terms of height, stability and access. It is easily dismantled and re-instated at the end of the day, as the various equipment and contractors including landscapers complete construction around the pool. Short and long-term hire of temporary swimming pool fencing is available.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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