Auckland Temporary Pool Fence

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Auckland temporary pool fence by GHL temp fence

Often clients aren’t convinced pool temporary fencing is essential but in many instances they are a must. When it comes to pool safety, the law requires a temporary pool fence be erected before the new swimming pool is filled with water and the new permanent pool fence is erected.

The photos of this construction site graphically illustrate the need for a compliant temporary pool fence in this new residential subdivision. This property is one of a number being built in a new subdivision. As you can see, there are few, if any, boundary fences in place on any of the properties so this new pool without the compliant fence would have been a major hazard.

Pool temporary fence can be installed on all surfaces

With a large range of products and accessories, GHL can supply the temporary pool fence suitable for your construction site – hard surfaces, sloping land, rocky outcrops, or uneven surfaces.

Pool temporary fence does not slow construction

The GHL temporary pool fence system has been specifically designed to ensure it is simple to dismantle and move around during the landscaping and construction, giving easy access for machinery, equipment and materials. This allows all work to be carried out efficiently and on schedule.

Flexible hire arrangements

GHL Temp Fence have short or long term hiring contracts of temporary pool fences, so no matter how long you need it or if your construction is delayed, we can provide the compliant safety fence.