Alfriston Swimming Pool

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Kids Out, Tradesman In – at this swimming pool temporary fencing project in Alfriston, Auckland

Did you know that part of the Swimming Pool Act, is a requirement to have a fully compliant temporary swimming pool fence during construction, even on rural properties like this one in Alfriston, Auckland? This temporary pool fence was installed prior to the swimming pool being filled with water, to meet both the conditions of the building permit and the Swimming Pool Fence Act.

During swimming pool construction or renovation, standard temporary fencing cannot be used because it does not comply in a number of areas of the Swimming Pool Act. GHL has a specially designed swimming pool temporary fence which fully complies with the requirements of the Act – giving you peace of mind that your project meets all the rules.

Timing is sometimes hard to control on a work site. The pool needs to be built and filled with water but tradesmen also need to get into the area to complete the landscaping, plumbing or paving. The swimming pool temporary fence allows all this happen but also secures the pool from curious children and visitors, especially when the property is vacant. The temporary pool fence has all the characteristics of a permanent pool fence so you can relax when the kids are around and construction has begun.

GHL Temp Fence even have compliant swimming pool gates with childproof latches, so if the permanent swimming pool fence hasn’t been built yet, you can still enjoy your newly completed pool.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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