What makes us different

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GHL goes beyond the boundaries of your temp fence – this is what makes us different!

GHL provide innovative temporary fencing to improve safety and efficiency onsite - a temp fence solution that is easy to use and flexible, to ensure safety isn’t compromised throughout the shifting requirements of the project.

A temp fence “isn’t just a bunch of panels thrown around a site to form a perimeter”. It’s a fence that’s functional, practical and protects workers, traffic and pedestrians. GHL goes beyond the boundaries of temporary fencing; we provide the expertise and experience to save you money and gain efficiencies on your work site.

GHL Temp Fence customers see many benefits of using our innovative solutions -

  • Ten years experience

We develop flexible fencing solutions to secure worksites and ensure it works efficiently whilst maintaining compliance.

  • Support Stays / Bracing

Standard on every temp fence installation, they ensure the safety and stability of the fence in all unforeseen weather conditions

  • Welded Wire Mesh Panels

Lifts the standard of presentation of construction zones and hides the clutter of construction sites.


  • Lockable, hinged pedestrian and vehicle gates

Safer and quicker entry and exit for trucks and workers and helps to control site access.

  • New specialist accessories and equipment to compliment traditional temporary fencing

They include -

    • Compliant temporary pool fencing
    • 1.25-metre-high construction barriers for isolating specific hazards
    • Advertising barriers
    • Acoustic panels to reduce noise pollution
    • Gate hinges, gate keepers, and height reduction bars for added security
    • Substantial bracing systems for shade cloth installations

These are the details that make a real difference to the safety and efficiency of your site when considering a GHL temporary fence. Call us now on 0800 42 6812 to talk temporary fence hire or sale solutions.

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