Stock & Availability - The Greatest Challenge in 2021: Forward Planning is Key

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Temporary Fencing like many products is in short supply

Port congestion, shortage of containers and a reduced number of container ships is having a serious impact on the supply chain. So our advice is...

...plan ahead to ensure the availability of Temporary Fencing to keep your project on schedule.

At GHL TempFence we’re working hard at maintaining stock of Temporary Fencing for both Hire & Sales including traditional temp fence, safety fences, construction barriers and crowd control barriers but the pressure is on.

We’re confident any gaps in our stock will be quickly sorted with over 10 x 40’ containers arriving every month so if you’re about to start a project, looking to Hire or Buy Temporary Fencing get in touch and let’s start planning.


Hire: Phone Jack 09 974 4854

Sales: Phone Karl 09 974 4591


Or Visit our website: “100% NZ Family Owned Business”