Facebook Marketplace – “Be Careful” - Scams & Stolen Equipment

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Over recent months there’s been an advertiser that’s got at least one very disappointed customer


We received the following feedback from someone who purchased Temporary Fence Panels from them on Facebook Marketplace. $2,000 was paid upfront in cash and it then took a couple of weeks for only ½ the order to arrive!!!

At the time of writing this, the other panels hadn’t arrived and they’ve been ghosted.

But the story doesn’t end there. The ones that were delivered were such a mismatch of equipment that none of it was fit for purpose and they’ve since started again and purchased from us.


It then gets worse…

We decided to do a bit more digging.

  • We found the advertiser has listing in a huge number of Buy & Sell groups in Auckland.
  • We found photos of feet that only us and one other hire company use. Feet that haven’t been sold (new or used!)
  • We found equipment advertised that matches equipment both us and our clients have had stolen
  • Since first drafting this blog a 2nd buyer has come forward also waiting for delivery and they’ve also been ghosted.
  • N.B. We’re building a file and currently working with the Police as neighbours from multiple sites have witnessed the same vehicle stealing the equipment.


When buying temporary fencing from Facebook Marketplace, our advice is:  

  • Check out their Facebook profile, the giveaways are only recent generic posts & no friends.
  • Ask where and why they have the products for sale and for proof of purchase.
  • Legitimate businesses don’t usually just operate via Facebook Marketplace
  • Don’t ever pay for anything before you receive it.


So: Be Careful Hidden amongst some very genuine sellers there are definitely a few questionable ones.


The photos below are generic photos of the types and style of fencing that’s been stolen from us and our clients


For help or just advice don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Ph 0800 42 68 12 www.GHLTempFence.co.nz