Importing products can be a nightmare!

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Just over 10 years ago GHLgroup was the first to import Temporary Fencing products into New Zealand and we've certainly learnt at lot of costly lessons the hard way.

The biggest lesson has been: Certification means nothing!!!

In the Temporary Fencing world you'll find...
  • Certified Galavanised to NZ Standard 42 Microns when tested can be as low as 10 - 15 Micons!
  • Certified Frame wall thickness of 2.0mm thick can be 1.8mm or even less if you cut open the Horizontal Bars!

How do we know? We've developed processes and procedures to verify that the specifications of our products are what we ordered. But I've seen many a shipment landed in NZ thats not and then to make it worse the importer genuinely thinks its correct when it's not!

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