Buying Temporary Fencing Cheap is Not Always Best: “Understand What You’re Buying”

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The cost price of Steel Temporary Fencing products really only has 2 variables; amount of metal content and thickness of the galvanising. So find out exactly what specifications you’re buying. Both variables will have huge impact on the life of the products

At GHL TempFence, our sales division was started 15 years ago by carrying new stock that was available for either Hire or Sale. Everything that we sold was exactly what we used for our own Temporary Fencing Hire Business. This spec was based on our own requirements for Temporary Fencing that was strong & durable enough to handle the rigours of Hire.

Turn the clock forward to roughly 5 years ago and we started to see products arriving with vague descriptions and cheaper pricing. The vague descriptions (sometimes a simple copy & paste of ours) would have you believe the Temporary Fencing being offered for sale was a much higher standard than it is.

In response, we widened our range of products to also include the Lighter Weight, Lower Galv options as they do have place in the market. Plus, from the day we widened our range to include the different specifications, we’ve clearly defined and guaranteed the specs.

Information on our website and quotes will always include:

  • Wall thickness and overall weight of our Temporary Fence Panels
  • Levels of galvanising

So you’ll know exactly what you're getting and how long it should last because photos and vague descriptions will never tell you what you need to know. And if you need proof – the 3 photos below are three very different products and if you viewed them independently it would be hard to tell the difference.

(Feet are a giveaway as we sell our Dura Panels with a Premium Injected Moulded Concrete filled foot versus the Chinese Blow Moulded foot)

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