GHL Dura Panels


Designed for our Hire Business. What we use!

Discounts for 20 or more.

What we use in Our Hire Business. The key difference between our Heavy Duty Dura Temporary Fencing Panels for sale and other panels is they are designed for long life and regular use. They're 2mm thick walled frame, High Galv - Pre-Galvanised Pipe 42 microns Av. and they incorporate an anti-climb welded mesh infill for added security and are fully galvanized for strength and longevity.

Panel Specification:

Panel Size: 2400mm(L) x 2100mm(H)

Frame: 32mm O.D. & 2mm Wall Thickness

Finish: High Galv - Pre-Galvanised Pipe 42 microns Av.

Infill Mesh: 4mm horizontal, 4mm vertical 150mm x 60mm spacing

Weight: 21kgs

Estimated Life: 5 - 8 years

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