1.25h Construction Barriers – A must have on any Infrastructure & Traffic Management project!

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When it comes to Infrastructure & Civil projects, safety and traffic management are critical factors to consider. Temporary fencing and safety barriers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of workers, pedestrians, and drivers.

GHL Fencing developed 1.25h Construction Barriers as a alternative to Standard Safety Fencing and they’ve proved to be a massive success on Infrastructure and Traffic Management projects.

  1. Enhanced safety: Safety is the top priority in any Infrastructure / Traffic Management project. GHL’s Construction Barriers provide a safe and secure environment for workers, pedestrians, and drivers. They’re designed to prevent unauthorized access to sites, reduce the risk of accidents, and protect workers and the public from potential hazards. Made with a heavy duty 25mm steel frame & galvanised to an average of 42 Microns GHL’s Construction Barriers are perfect for any Infrastructure & Civil project.
  2. Effective traffic management: Traffic Management is critical in Infrastructure projects to ensure smooth traffic flow and minimize disruptions to the public. Construction Barriers help direct traffic and create safe zones for pedestrians and workers. The Safety Barriers incorporate a highly visible orange mesh and can be installed to suit specific Traffic Management plans. They can be used to block off lanes, redirect traffic, and create temporary pedestrian walkways.
  3. Easy installation and removal: GHL Fencing designed the Construction Barriers to be easily relocated making them ideal for busy construction projects. They can be quickly assembled and disassembled, saving time and reducing labour costs. The barriers are designed to be portable, so they can be moved easily to different locations as needed.

1.25h Construction Barriers are a great option for Traffic Management & Infrastructure projects. They enhance safety, provide effective traffic management & are easy to install or relocate. With options available for both Hire & Sales GHL TempFence can provide quality Safety Fencing equipment ideal for any Construction, Infrastructure & Traffic Management project.

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