Western Springs Bio Security Fencing

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New Zealand Bio Security Fencing


With over 140 Geese needing to be relocated from Western Springs, GHL TempFence were used by NZ Bio Security to create a holding compound before transporting the birds north. With over-population within the park, NZ Bio Security were tasked to relocate the birds to a more sustainable location.


GHL Temporary Fencing were called upon to think outside the box and use its 10+ years of experience to create a secure holding area. GHL succeeded by supplying our 1.8h Temporary Fencing with the use of our Height Reduction Bars to ensure the gap under the panels was reduced to less that 100mm creating a secure enclosure. With a safe and secure compound NZ Bio Security are able to coordinate the relocation with ease and minimal disruption to the public and wildlife.


With over 10 years’ experience and a number of fencing accessories GHL TempFence have the quality equipment and skills to meet your Temporary Fencing needs On Time, Every Time.