Waitemata Northland Regional Centre

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Temp fence shade cloth screens major breast clinic renovations

As the Waitemata Northland Regional Centre breast clinic continued to screen women for breast cancer, our fencing shade cloth protected them from construction during recent major renovations.

It was essential that the breast clinic remain open during construction, the shade cloth attached to the temporary fence was used to form zones – a construction zone where work on the building upgrade was undergoing and a safe zone for clients to access the breast clinic.

Keeping breast clinic patrons safe

GHL installed 2.4 metre GHL Dura Panel temporary fence with an attachable 70% grade shade cloth around the construction site, to create a safe, well signposted pathway and entrance into the clinic reception area.

Temp Fence with shade cloth serves multiple functions:

  • It redefines a safe entrance way for pedestrians – the shade cloth hides the mess of a construction site from passers-by and is easy for pedestrians to find and use the safe pathway without any deviations along the way. The construction workers can continue to work safely.
  • It secures the work zone – the temporary fence acts as a visual demarcation for the construction site and stops unauthorised entry to the site.
  • It reduces dust – a shade cloth is a great solution to minimise the amount of dust created by construction from being blown onto passing traffic.This was particularly useful in this worksite as breast clinic entrance was close to the construction site and made for a better experience for patrons.

If your worksite involves a high volume of pedestrians and traffic around the construction area, temporary fencing with shade cloth is an easy solution. Its portability allows the fence to move with the construction while reducing building dust and particles, and the shade cloth is visually attractive.

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