Villa Maria Summer Concerts

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Our event fencing transforms a winery into an outdoor summer concert venue!

The natural amphitheatre-like estate of Villa Maria is the perfect venue for music concerts. However, turning a winery into a concert ground for thousands of music lovers requires some careful planning and hundreds of metres of temporary event fencing. Enter GHL Temp Fence, renowned for the safety and crowd control of large events.

The summer concerts at Villa Maria called for a diversity of products and services

1. Traditional 1.8 metre high temporary fencing

This type of fencing marked out the boundaries for the concert goers. It secured the vineyards, the winery and equipment by limiting the attendee’s access around the grounds.

2. The crowd control barriers

Our crowd control barriers were erected around the food and drink outlets to control the queues and keep the lines moving quickly and efficiently. They also marked off unsafe areas such as garden beds and structures.

3. The 1.8 metre high temporary fencing with black shade cloth

The temp fence around the unsightly and potentially dangerous electrical equipment was covered in black shade cloth for aesthetics and to stop the crowd accessing these areas.

Tight pack in and pack out schedules

These schedules were critical to the success of the event, to restore the grounds to its original business as an award winning winery. With almost 700 metres of temporary fencing spread over a large area, it takes a special experienced team of workers with a “Can Do” attitude to work with and around the other providers simultaneously.

Here’s a cheer to Villa Maria for hosting such great summer concerts on their beautiful grounds!