Temporary Pool Fence Waiau Pa

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Pool compliance begins on the first day a new swimming pool is being installed!

The installation of a swimming pool is a very exciting time. The arrival of glistening cool blue water will brighten any backyard or premises, especially during those long hot summery days.

New building code laws state that before construction of a new pool begins, there must be a complying temporary fence suitable for a pool. This is particularly critical during the installation of a moulded pool.

The normal installation of a moulded pool involves the site preparation works, installation of the pool shell and the filling of the pool on the day the pool shell is lowered into place. With a moulded pool, it must be filled immediately to keep the shell in place and stable in the ground. Thus the requirement to have a temporary pool fence erected before the installation of the pool begins.

Once the moulded pool has been installed there is still a lot of landscaping, plumbing, and building that needs to be completed before the swimming pool area is finished. This is where temporary pool fencing comes into its own.

Our temporary fencing, as seen in the photos below, is completely freestanding and very easy to move around during construction to let machinery, equipment and workman onto the pool site. It is strong and secure but lightweight to allow the landscaping to be completed.

GHL Temp Fence also has available fully compliant self-closing pool gate which creates a useable pool from day one of construction for all the family to enjoy the benefits of the pool but still maintain safety at all times.

Still need some help deciding whether to buy or hire your temporary fencing? GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision. Call us now on 0800TempFence or visit www.GHLTempFence.co.nz

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