Silverdale Service Station

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GHL Temp Fence pumped for safety at new service station construction

The Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland, is undergoing a transformation – due to the fast growth in development in the area, there is a renewed focus on infrastructure and commercial premises.

Vehicle and pedestrian safety top of priority for new service station construction

The new large service station being built on the corner of Painton Road and Hibiscus Highway, opposite the Hibiscus Park N Ride Terminal, will service the local community and the traffic heading north.

When contracted to secure the premises during the construction of this Silverdale Service Station, GHL Temp Fence worked with their Client to evaluate the site and the safety concerns. The main concern being the extremely busy Hibiscus Highway, with over 34,000 vehicles passing per day along this main arterial route to the Hibiscus Coast and further north, as well as the hundreds of pedestrians utilising the Park N Ride Station.

To keep the pedestrians safe, GHL installed the temporary fencing on the inside of the pavement to maintain a wide pathway for people to safely walk to and from their cars.

In consideration to the traffic flow on Hibiscus Highway, shade cloth was installed on the temp fence, reducing the distraction to passing motorists, maintaining the traffic flow especially during peak times. Substantial Bracing was fitted along the fence at regular intervals to anchor the fence, as shade cloth can destabilise a temp fence, especially in high winds or storms.

Safety at every construction site is GHL Temp Fence main concern. An assessment of the needs of each site is considered before planning and erecting temporary fencing.

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