Residential - Long Bay

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Temp fence solves safety concerns at Long Bay residential build

This Residential Property Developer in Long Bay needing a temporary fence solution, requested GHL TempFence secure a residential building site during all construction stages, at the same time as maintaining Health and Safety requirements.

Long Bay is on the North Shore of Auckland, amongst the natural landscape along the bay, the Okura Marine Reserve and Long Bay Regional Park.

As the construction site was exposed on two sides, this exposure made the site vulnerable when it was vacant at night and on the weekends.The site needed to be secured from people passing by to meet Health and Safety requirements, and to protect the building materials and equipment stored onsite.

GHL Temp Fence provided temporary fencing around the site, closing the two exposed boundaries.This fencing protected the whole site prohibiting unauthorised access when vacant, and secured the equipment and materials from the beginning of construction.

To ensure ease of access and unloading of building materials into site, a double panel gate was installed where the new driveway would be created, leading to the garage.

With over ten years’ experience, GHL Temp Fence will work with you to build the correct Temp Fence to secure any construction site.With a wide range of temp fencing and accessories, such as pedestrian gates, extra bracing for stability on uneven ground, shade cloth, and acoustic barriers – all designed for easy access to the site whilst maintaining safety.