Red Beach Swimming Pool

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There’s no pool like a safe pool – temporary pool fencing is the answer!

Welcome to Red Beach, a very busy construction site for a new house and new pool. This is our latest temporary pool fence hire on a residential site for the GHL Team.

Manoeuvring around the subcontractors and your typical construction site equipment, our team secured the perimeter of this newly installed pool. The safety of everyone on site, day and night was our priority.

Temporary fencing is ideal for a new pool build

The specially designed and compliant temporary pool fence is easy to erect and dismantle in this situation. Each panel drops onto a steel foot, warratahs are used to interlock the panels. The steel feet at the bottom of each pole, add stability to the fence from the uneven surfaces of a construction site and these flat plate steel feet reduce trip hazards.

The interlocking panels allows the subcontractors to easily dismantle the panels to give them access around the pool for landscaping, tiling and plumbing during the day. They can quickly erect it again before leaving the site at the end of the day.

This pool fence secured the pool within a compact area – leaving as much of the site available for the subcontractors to work freely in the area and without the worry of taking an unplanned dip in the pool!

New Pool Act needs compliant temp fence

Normal construction temporary fencing does not meet the Swimming Pool Act fencing requirements during the construction of a new pool. But the GHL temporary pool fencing does!

Now you can rest easy knowing the construction of your pool will be compliant with safety regulations. Call for a quote now on 0800 42 68 12.

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