Red Beach School

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GHL TempFence allows school and construction activities to carry on, safely

Every primary school is abuzz with activity, morning to late afternoon, from learning in classrooms, playing during breaks, games on the field or music in the hall. However, when construction needs to happen, like the recent Red Beach School renovation, safety always comes to the top of the list.

The first place for school construction safety is to start with a GHL temp fence!

During the Red Beach School renovation, GHL started with a safety plan that ensured that during the installation and dismantle of their temp fence, teachers and children were kept safe from the trucks and equipment so the GHL team had access to erect the fence in an efficient manner.

A plan for the actual location of the temporary fence is just as important, to ensure that the primary school can still function during the construction but also the children and teachers are kept well away from the worksite. The temp fence was erected within a well-defined area that also gave ample space for construction.

An efficient worksite is one where trucks and workman have effective access to the construction site. With the use of lightweight temporary gates on wheels, meant opening and closing the gates was easy and quick.

As an Auckland fence hire company, the GHL team have been continually refining both its health & safety procedures and temporary fence systems to meet all building code regulations.