Puhinui Road Upgrade

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Auckland’s infrastructure continues to improve with help from GHL TempFence


Work has started to upgrade SH20B along Puhinui Road with aims to provide additional priority lanes between Pukaki Creek Bridge and SH20. The upgrades will allow a new 10-minute bus service between the airport and Puhinui Station.

The priority lanes will join the airport and continue along Puhinui Road to the upgraded Puhinui Station and provide people with more reliable and timely travel to and from the airport area. Additional SH20B improvements include new intersections at Campana Road and Manukau Memorial Gardens, median barriers and improved lighting on SH20B to improve safety. Further improvements include walking and cycling paths along the route.

GHL Temporary Fencing has become a key contractor in Auckland’s Infrastructure and Civil improvements. With over 10 years experience GHL TempFence have developed specific products to suit every site. With the use of 1.25h Construction Barriers, GHL successfully lined a busy stretch of SH20 to ensure vehicles could still gain access to the airport via Puhinui Road.

The barriers incorporate a highly visible orange mesh with a unique interlocking system to ensure safety along the roadside for both the public and contractors. With minimal disruption along Puhinui Road a high priority, GHL’s Construction Barriers are the perfect solution. Sitting 1.25m high with specifically designed steel feet ensures the smallest footprint possible while eliminating trip hazards and allowing traffic to flow as normal.


With quality products and over ten years of experience, GHL TempFence can provide the perfect solution for your next project.

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