Papatoetoe Primary School

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Papatoetoe Primary School’s new safe construction

With young children playing around a construction site, no chances can be taken. GHL Temp Fence always pays particular attention to safety in schools and our work in the Papatoetoe Primary School construction site was no different.

GHL have developed comprehensive health and safety systems, which specify very specific particular controls for Schools to safely work around students. We use also these systems to identify the right temporary fencing and equipment required at the beginning of each project, as we are often the first people on site.

Temporary fencing that’s all about the children

Shade cloth was erected along the length of the temporary fence in an attempt to screen the construction site from passers-by and most importantly the children. By obscuring the view, it helps to restrict anyone from entering the site, especially curious little children! The shade cloth also helps to contain the building debris within the site, thereby minimising pollution risks and irritating passers-by.

GHL installed concrete feet to every panel of the fence as stabilisers in windy conditions and to prevent equipment knocking it over (see the pallets!). The high visibility yellow colour of the feet also help to reduce the tripping hazard for the children playing around the perimeter of the fence.

We also connected extra bracing to ensure the fence stayed upright if pushed or leaned on by the children.

For every new Auckland fence hire project, GHL calls on their ten years’ experience to erect a temporary fence that meets all the safety needs according to each sites safety requirements.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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