Pakuranga Town Centre

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Pakuranga Town Centre continues to develop with GHL Temp Fence. Early stages of work includes improved routes between Panmure and Pakuranga with updated Busways, Pedestrian walkways and Cycle lanes. Future plans include multiple apartment buildings, retail and entertainment spaces with the aim of creating a town centre locals can easily travel through.


GHL TempFence have supplied over 2kms of Temporary Fencing / Safety Fence products between Panmure & Pakuranga to ensure disruptions on the current roads and walk ways are kept to a minimum. With over 10 years experience in Temporary Fencing, GHL TempFence have learnt every site requires careful planning to ensure the correct Temporary Fencing solution is used. In this case a combination of Standard 1.95h Temporary Fencing & 1.250h Construction Barriers were used to create temporary walk ways, Fence working compounds and isolate hazards.


Standard 1.95h Temporary Fencing provides a full height option designed to fully enclose a working area with GHL TempFence offering added benefits;

  • Opening Gates with Hinges, Gate Keepers & Wheels supplied at no extra charge
  • Bracing at regular intervals along the Temporary Fence line to ensure added stability
  • Highly maintained equipment ensures all fencing onsite is OSH / Worksafe compliant


1.25h Construction Barriers are specifically designed to isolate a Hazard while having the smallest footprint possible. Benefits compared to other Safety Fencing options include;

  • Highly visible orange infill mesh designed to direct Pedestrians & Traffic away from a specific hazard
  • They incorporate a specially designed interlocking Safety Fence system creating a secure fence line
  • Specially designed flat feet, making the barriers extremely stable and eliminating tripping hazards


With quality products for both Temporary Fence  Hire & Temporary Fence Sales, GHL TempFence can provide pricing options so you can make an informed decision on your next project.

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