One Tree Hill Temporary Pool Fence

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One Tree Hill pool temporary fence hire called for some ingenuity

Every temp pool fence is different from the next, bringing with it complexities that often make it hard to secure the pool during the construction phase. Our temporary fence project at One Tree Hill proved to be one of those projects that called for some ingenuity.

Have a look at the photos at the One Tree Hill pool project during construction. Anyone know why the fence panel is strapped on top of another panel at the back of the photo? GHL have had to secure the pool temp fence to the retaining posts using these straps. Without these straps the pool fence panel could easily be pulled out to create an opening, reducing its security.

Complying temp fence for new pool builds

This is definitely not the best looking project we have worked on, but what is important is that the site is secure from children and meets an acceptable level of compliance. This is especially imperative since the pool has been filled with water, the permanent pool fence has not been erected yet and work needs to continue to complete the area.

GHL places worksite safety and building standards as a priority on every project we work on. Our knowledge of the compliance standards, attention to detail and the flexibility of our fence panels and accessories is what makes GHL Temp Fence the industry leader in temporary fence hire.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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