Lantern Festival

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Shine the light on event fencing at the Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is always a much-anticipated Auckland event for the past 16 years, held in Albert Park, over the Chinese New Year. 800 handmade Chinese lanterns, 500 performers, 100 food and craft stalls, and more than 100,000 visitors, over 4 nights – that’s a big event to manage the event fencing, safety of workers and visitors and hide amenities and dangerous equipment.

It all begins many months before the event. GHL attends a number of safety prevention briefings with the event organisers to discuss an action plan and contingencies for the event. We stand by the highest of health and safety standards, as part of being an Auckland Council H&S pre-approved contractor.

An event of this size, calls for a professional temp fence company who can supply a variety of fencing solutions in a large quantity. The Lantern Festival needed hundreds of metres of crowd control barriers, bike racks, 2 metre high fencing and shade cloth covered temporary fencing with extra bracing to maintain its stability.

Temp fence team’s can-do attitude!

Not only do we abide by the strict pack in, pack out deadlines, we need to work around other equipment deliveries, stall-holders, pedestrians and road closures. At GHL we take great pride in being part of the Lantern Festival, with our team work and can-do attitude ensuring that the temporary fencing delivery, set up and pick up is stress free and on time every time for the organisers.

GHL are looking forward to see what the next spectacular Lantern Festival holds.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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