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New rural building sites now need temporary fencing!

One of the major changes to the new Health and Safety Regulations that become effective on 1st April 2016 is that it’s now essential to fence off rural residential building sites. In the past, new rural residential building sites tended to be ignored and weren’t often surrounded by a temporary fence; however, they are now seen as crucial to meeting your building sites Health and Safety Regulations.

The temporary fence we have erected at a rural building site at Kaipara Flats, just north of Auckland is a great example how the fence can be erected around the site and building works can continue efficiently and quickly.

Temp fences on rural building sites can provide many benefits:

  • By fencing the perimeter, the site is completely enclosed to isolate hazards and keep unauthorised personnel from entering the site.
  • Theopening gates can be secured with a chain and lock to provide additional security, particularly after hours and on weekends. This is a must in new isolated rural developments as expensive equipment, tools and materials on site are more at risk without the close proximity of other houses or passing traffic.
  • The fence is light-weight, easily installed and moved when the building site requirements change. It’s flexibility ensures it will be steady on uneven ground surfaces with the use of extra bracing and concrete feet for added stability.

Our ‘on time, every time’ temp fence delivery motto, means you can meet your tight building schedule and safety regulations!

We can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

Call us now on 0800TempFence or visit www.GHLTempFence.co.nz

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