Hynds Pipes 2018

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Temp fence creates safety zones around an operational crane

Hynds Pipe Systems have been New Zealand’s’ premier product manufacturer and supplier for the management of water and water-based waste in the civil and rural infrastructure markets for over 45 years.

Hynds is a family business that places importance on quality management and accredited operating systems, and just like GHL Temp Fence, they take construction and work place safety seriously.

When one of their business units identified that they needed to protect staff members and visitors around the working area of their crane, GHL Temp Fence were called upon to secure this potential hazard.

Create zones with temporary fencing - The temp fence erected for this project, allowed the worksite to be segregated to create two sites whilst the crane was in operation.

Crane work zone - The GHL TempFence team installed over 250 metres of temporary fencing along both sides of the movable crane’s tracks, leaving room for the robust legs of the crane to manoeuvre freely.This enabled the crane drivers to concentrate on the job at hand whilst keeping the area clear.

Pedestrian zone - The placement of the temp fence also formed safe walking zones for pedestrians around the worksite and permitted workers onsite to continue their tasks.

Other benefits of using a temp fence - Temp fencing creates flexible safe work zones – the GHL TempFence Team is happy to come onsite and realign the TempFence as the safety needs of any work zone changes.

Double Gates allow easier access to the zone – GHL TempFence install Gate Wheels & Gate Hinges; attaching wheels onto two TempFence panels creating a 4.8m access for vehicles and the unloading of materials.

If your next project requires secured safety zones, call GHL temp fence hire or sale on 0800TempFence – our temporary fences are an easy solution to ensure safety for everyone onsite!

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