Huapai Residential - 2016

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GHL Temp Fence ready for the new Health & Safety Regulations in April 2016 – are you?

The tightening of the Health and Safety Regulations for residential building sites becomes effective 1st April 2016. This encompasses keeping the residential building site enclosed and isolating the building site hazards, made more difficult when access to the building site is needed.

The picturesque Huapai residential development set amongst local vineyards, farms and lifestyle blocks and GHL Temp Fence are on top of these new regulations. Not only have we supplied this Huapai building site with a safe and sturdy temporary fence, we ensure the fence itself, does not become a safety hazard.

Our bracing system, the first in the temporary fence industry in New Zealand, ensures that the fence does not fall over, either from knocks during construction, pushed over by trespassers or from weather conditions such as strong winds and storms.

Extra bracing is erected at weak points along the temporary fence such as an opening gate, the wider vehicle access gates or a doorway. They are also installed at regular intervals along the fence to add structure and strength.

As an added precaution, yellow concrete feet are used for safety against tipping and each fence panel is connected to each other to add to the strength and stability of the fence.

GHL Temp Fence are strong advocators of site safety, this is the basis of all our project management – the safety of all workers on site.