Huapai Residential - 2015

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Huapai residential development – GHL was there again!

With a great mix of location and lifestyle, the Huapai residential subdivision was a popular choice amongst new homeowners. GHL TempFence was called upon to erect temporary fencing around a number of new homes, as the fence forms an important part of the housing companies’ building compliance. Safety at all times is paramount to the Builders, the new landowners and GHL.

Temp fence doesn’t slow down construction

For easy access onto the construction site by bulky trucks and large numbers of contractors, temporary opening gates across the main drive, controlled access to the construction site. The extra bracing and weighted feet, in this vulnerable point of the fence, gave it stability for easy opening.

GHL also added extra bracing end to end, at approximately 15-metre intervals for added strength and stability at all points along the length of the temporary fence.

GHL team identify safety compromise

Any sign put onto a temporary fence, increases the wind load and reduces the stability of the fence. Specific to this project, additional bracing was added for the advertising banner to ensure the fences stability in high winds.

GHL ten years’ experience helps us to identify any unforeseeable dangers specific to each unique site and building requirements and ensures each temporary fence hire Installation meets with health and safety regulations.

GHL can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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