Hobsonville Development Site

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From defence base to urban community – temp fence sees it through to the end.

GHL Temp Fence was contracted to secure the perimeter of this multi housing site in Hobsonville allowing earthworks, infrastructure and the build to be completed within a safe zone.

By installing the temporary fencing prior to works commencing, GHL Group’s client have the comfort of knowing that their machinery, portable offices, and onsite building materials are secure, from the planning stages through to completion.

With a wide range of temp fences and accessories, the unique elements of the development site, can be secured properly. From pedestrian gates to allow tradesman to pass through, to lockable and hinged vehicle access gates on wheels providing an easy wide opening for trucks and material deliveries.

As the site develops through the building process, the temporary fence requirements will also change. One quick phone call to GHL Bookings is all it takes to arrange a delivery, realign or partial pick up, modifying the temporary fence to meet the site variations.

With a target of 14,000 new Auckland houses to be built per year, intensive housing projects such as Hobsonville Point, are becoming a popular and efficient way of building new homes.

Call GHL TempFence to talk safe and secure building sites – our temp fence has the flexibility to change with your project, from initial stages right through to lock up, protecting your workers and equipment for an efficient build every time.Call us now on 0800TempFence or visit www.GHLTempFence.co.nz

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