Highgate Business Park

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Development continues on the Highgate Business Park with new Commercial buildings planned to accommodate rapid growth throughout Silverdale. With Silverdale becoming one of Auckland's fastest growing suburbs, the Highgate Business Park has been designed as a large scale, mixed-use development consisting of industrial, commercial & retail spaces.

After completing several projects around Silverdale, GHL TempFence once again proved to be the solution providers supply two styles of Temporary Safety Fencing. This particular site required careful planning to ensure all health & Safety requirements were met.

Semi-Permanent Temporary Fencing

Installation of the Semi-Permanent Temp Fencing is completed by driving a pole 600mm in the ground then clamping each panel top and bottom to the post. This Safety Fencing system is specifically designed for long-term projects where space is a premium. Overall Semi-Permanent site fencing offers a robust alternative to your Standard Temporary Fencing while creating a more permanent look.

Standard 1.95h Temporary Fencing

Standard 1.95h Temp Fencing has become the most popular way to quickly & efficiently secure Commercial, Residential, & Civil sites while still creating a safe & secure working compound. GHL TempFence offers quality fencing equipment with bracing at regular intervals, opening gate ways at no extra charge and the knowledge to provide the perfect site fencing solution for every site.

GHL TempFence have km’s of quality Temporary Fencing equipment in stock ready to secure your next site. With an experienced team GHL can ensure your Health & Safety requirements are met On Time, Every Time.

Call us now on 0800TempFence or visit www.GHLTempFence.co.nz

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