Fred Taylor Drive Civil

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Fred Taylor Drive – temporary fencing protecting both sides of the fence

Temporary fencing hire not only protects the workers onsite, the traffic and pedestrians as the construction work continues but also allows for the efficient delivery, storage and protection of building material. The Fred Taylor Drive upgrade was located in a high traffic zone around a major shopping centre – the installation of temporary fencing was imperative for safety on both sides of the fence.

This high traffic zone involved the through traffic from the neighbouring towns and residents but also the traffic generated by the major shopping centre. This is when we draw on our 10 years of experience and our own health and safety procedures for us to meet the client’s needs in terms of safety but also the regulations set by the roading agencies.

Kilometres of available temporary fencing

With projects like this, it is important to call on an Auckland fence hire company like GHL. We have the resources to maintain not only a large supply of temporary fencing and its associated peripherals like bracing, straps and concrete feet but also a diversity of equipment such as crowd control barriers, temporary gates, shade cloth covered temporary fencing, all on a timely basis.

At GHL we work hard to maintain a large supply of varied fencing to support all projects we are involved in. We also have the manpower available to work on relatively short lead times to assist projects on a long and short term basis.

At GHL we can provide quotes for both temporary fence hire and sales, so you can make an informed, cost-effective decision.

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