Flat Bush Commercial

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Temporary fencing is about the access – in and out!

Allowing and stopping access is largely the point of temporary fencing. You want to restrict access to only authorised personnel or contractors and stop unwanted entry of the public. This can sometimes be a hard ask with temporary fencing but GHL use years of experience and attention to detail to improve your site security.

In our site fencing project at Flat Bush in East Auckland, we used strapping to secure the temp fence to a sturdy fixed existing fence. This stopped the fence from being pushed over to gain access to the construction site. In every project that allows, GHL will fix the temporary fence to a stable fixture.

The Flat Bush site required an opening gate for access into and out of the site for the workers, trucks and building material. An opening gate creates a weak point in the temporary fence which if not addressed can lead to the fence falling in high winds. To add extra strength to the opening gates, GHL installed braces on each end panel for stability. The concrete feet at the end of each brace, ensures the braces remain in place each time the gates are used.

GHL are one of the Auckland fence hire companies that are members of Site Safe, an organisation designed to help continuously improve our company’s health and safety measures, to control hazards and minimise injuries on site. We have comprehensive health and safety procedures we call upon for every one of our temp fence projects.