Costco Westgate

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International retailer Costco is set to open its first New Zealand store complete with petrol station & over 800 carparks in Westgate, Auckland. Over $100 Million is expected to be spent of the three level warehouse with works starting in September.


With Westgate’s growing popularity and modern retail spaces, Costco’s decision to build its first NZ Store will feature its own fuel station, tyre centre, food court, optometrist, hearing aid services along with groceries and homewares.


Before work can begin on any Construction project the necessary Health & Safety measures must be carefully planned to ensure a safe and secure site. With over 10 years experience in Temporary Fencing GHL TempFence work closely with every customer to ensure the correct Temporary Fencing solution is used. With this high profile project, Semi-Permanent Temporary Fencing was used to create a more permanent look and a system that can’t be removed easily.  


Installation of the Semi-Permanent Temporary Fence is completed by driving a pole 600mm in the ground then clamping each panel top and bottom to the post. This Safety Fencing system is specifically designed for long term projects where space is limited and overall creates a more permanent look. Although a very different system to your Standard Temp Fencing, GHL’s Semi-Permanent Fencing still guarantees quality Safety Fencing equipment creating a secure working site.


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