Auckland Fish Market

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Nothing fishy behind the temp fence at Auckland Fish Market!

The Auckland Fish Market is a bustling place at any time of the day or night. With a variety of fresh seafood retailers, a boutique food market, restaurants, licensed cafes and the ever-popular Auckland Seafood School drawing in a steady stream of people.

After 90 years, the iconic building that hosts the Auckland Fish Market is getting a much-needed refurbishment in its prime position on Auckland’s growing waterfront. The owners of the fish markets are gutting and rebuilding the building to create a new-look fish market to connect the next generation of seafood consumers with the seafood industry.

Auckland Fish Market hires temp fence from GHL

To protect the workers and work site from unauthorised entry, GHL was contracted to install temp fence with shade cloth around the perimeter of the construction site.Substantial bracing was used to ensure stability of the fence during the build.

The temporary fence also ensures that the fish markets and open-air courtyard could remain open during the construction period.A 70% black shade cloth was attached to the temp fence to discreetly disguise the fence from the fish shoppers and the diners at the fish cafes and allowed light through for a pleasant atmosphere.

The benefits of shade cloth on temp fencing

Shade cloth attached to temporary fencing not only disguises the fence but also provides privacy by screening the unsightliness of constructions sites from prying eyes.

The use of a shade cloth can also significantly reduce dust particles created by the machinery and building from moving outside of the construction area.

Call GHL now on 0800 Temp Fence to see how we can help you carry on business during major constructions.

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