Auckland Better Home & Living Show

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Auckland Better Home & Living Show - showcasing GHL’s temp fence solutions.

The 2017 Auckland Better Home and Living Show, held in October 2017, featured the latest trends and innovations for the home and garden.

With over 190 exhibitors needing to setup at the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland and a crowd of thousands expected over the course of three days, GHL installed just under 300 metres of temporary fencing around the perimeter of the Events Centre. Several sets of temporary double gates with wheels were installed to control traffic flow and allowed easy access for the exhibitors to unload even the bulkiest of equipment.

Within the grounds of the event centre, GHL set up external exhibitor stands, to expand the capacity of the exhibition. The fence panels work brilliantly as a backdrop for each exhibitors’ signs and photos, ensuring they were well branded, and looked welcoming and attractive.

The Better Home and Living Show advertising shade cloth was added to the panels to add visual appeal and branding. The fence was strengthened using our substantial brace system as shade cloth tends to reduce the stability of the temporary fence.

GHL do more than provide temporary fencing. We provide safe, efficient and competent solutions to add to your event’s success. Call us today on 0800 42 68 12 to discuss options for your Event fencing requirements.