Auckland Airport Emergency Service

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Auckland Airport Emergency Service – Temp Fence for Recruitment & Fitness Testing

We all take our safety at the airport for granted when in reality a lot of work goes on behind the scenes

One part of Auckland Airport's safety network is the Emergency Services Team located within Airport. When they have fitness testing for up to 40 candidates at a time at the airport they need to maintain the airport security. This is where GHL TempFence comes in…

2.4m High Temporary Fencing with Barbed Wire and Height Reduction Bars

The brief for this one was that the Temporary Fencing needed to be:

  1. 2.4m High Temporary Fencing
  2. Barbed Wire on Temporary Fencing
  3. Safe & Stable

Not the easiest brief when you consider a standard temp fence is 1.8m high, but these are the challenges we love at GHL TempFence. We trialled a number of alternatives in our yard till we found a suitable solution!

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