Aotea Square Ice Rink

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Temp fence on ice at Aotea Square Ice Rink

For over 5 years’, GHL has supplied the safety temporary fencing at the Aotea Square Ice Rink. This ice rink has now become the mid-winter tradition in Auckland Central City, featuring an ice slide, snow dome and light show.

In fact, 2017 was even bigger and better! For the first time, the Aotea Square Ice Rink had a Winter Lounge lit up for Matariki, so guests could relax and view the stars, and the stunning 'Mountain of Light' by Angus Muir Design & Puck Murphy took the centre stage!

With our experience and access to a wide range of temp fence products, GHL are always happy to accommodate our clients’ unique requirements, no matter what they are. The ice rink fence was going to be a little more challenging this year, as advertising signs needed to be attached to the fencing. GHL designed and built a fence to suit the onsite safety necessities as well as the advertising requirements of the client. GHL utilized various temp fence products for this one event.

To compliment the advertising, GHL installed 140 metres of substantially braced 1.9 metre temporary fencing to hold the extra weight of the advertising. Each temp fence panel had white shade cloth attached to it, so the advertising signage had a clear backdrop to make it visually attractive for the event but also for easy reading.

Our quick and efficient team installed the temporary fence whilst working amongst the busy crowd at Aotea Square, ensuring the safety of everyone visiting the area.

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