2017 Americas Cup Win Parade

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GHL Temp Fence team sailed in and out for the Auckland Americas Cup parade.

With a short 2-hour window of opportunity, the GHL Temp Fence team set up over 2 kilometers of crowd control barriers through the heart of Auckland in preparation for the America’s Cup Win parade.

With 10 years’ experience in event management and the necessary resources, the GHL team worked seamlessly to pack in and pack out within the tight time restraints. GHL Temp Fence brought in five trucks and trailers and a team of ten strong men to safely work around the continuous flow for traffic, existing construction sites, street closures and pedestrians to erect the barriers along the parade route.

From safely behind the crowd control barriers, huge cheers from the 80,000 crowd were heard, as the confetti cannon popped from the ETNZ, signalling the start of the parade. The winners traveled down Queen Street, with congratulatory speeches held at the Viaduct. The team and their support crew then took the Auld Mug to the water to begin their victory lap of Auckland's harbour.

As our Prime Minister Bill English said during his parade speech, ‘Thank you for your professionalism, your commitment, your excellence and your display to the world of the best that comes from a small country at the bottom of the world.’

If Team NZ could pull it off, so could the winning team at GHL Temp Fence, well done everyone!

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