What are the Fencing requirements on building sites?

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Temporary Fencing is designed to create a safe and secure working compound & confine hazards within a construction site. Restricting & controlling access by unauthorised people ensures work sites are kept safe and the public aren’t exposed to hazards onsite. People that aren’t aware of the dangers, don’t have the correct PPE & don’t have the training often pose the biggest hazards onsite.

Safety Fencing requirements set out by The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment includes standards for site fencing that must be followed.

2014 NZ Building Code

F5.3.2 Where construction or demolition work presents a hazard in places to which the public has access, barriers shall be provided and shall:

  • Be of appropriate height and construction to prevent site hazards from harming traffic or passersby
  • Be difficult to climb
  • Have no opening other than those approved by the territorial authority for access and viewing
  • Have no gates or doors which project beyond the site when opened
  • Contain no projection that would be a hazard to traffic or people
  • Be clearly marked where the barrier itself may otherwise present a hazard to traffic or passersby

Worksafe NZ also mentions building site fencing requirements under 7.5 Public Safety in the Guidelines for the Provision of Facilities and General Safety in the Construction Industry.

These guidelines contain recommendations for employers and others on means of compliance with the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and regulations.

The following extract can be found on page 66 –

'Excavations are fenced, and, if they are likely to retain water, are covered and securely fenced to prevent access for children. If in public places, they should have warning signs, and warning lights at night.’
‘Adequate security of the site is to be provided during non-working periods. This involves ensuring excavations and openings are covered or fenced, materials are stacked safely, plant immobilised, ladders removed or lowered to the ground.’

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